Sure, Australia boasts a plethora of must-see sights. However, a nice vacation is not only about seeing tourist attractions. When visiting a new nation, especially one that shares many similarities with your own, those small local or cultural encounters can make all the difference. Here are ten unique Australian experiences that we can recommend to both first-time visitors and repeat visitors.

Some are commonplace, while others are unique Australian experiences that locals should take advantage of but never do. In any case, consider this your “other” bucket list for a fantastic trip to Australia.

Have a Flat White

In recent years, more and more Australian baristas have introduced this stronger, smoother latte-style beverage to independent cafés across Canada and the United States, and North Americans have begun to catch on. Oh, and Starbucks sells a drink known as a “flat white.” However, nothing beats a flat white from a nice independent café in Australia. If you are in one of the city you are bound to have a good vacation.

Try a Meat Pie

It is not for want of effort, like the flat white. But if there is a better meat pie than one from an Australian bakery, I haven’t discovered it yet. Despite repeated attempts to the franchise and mass-market Australia’s modest meat pie, the greatest pies are normally sold fresh over the counter in suburban, or better yet, small-town bakeries across the country. As a result, they are a great way to break up a meal.

The Arcades and Laneways of Melbourne

While visiting Australia for a vacation might be costly, many of the top attractions in the major cities are free. This includes Melbourne’s famous arcades and laneways. Shopping, food, and coffee are all local interests, so you’ll definitely spend a lot of your time in the Melbourne CBD (Central Business District) exploring the city’s back lanes and tunnels.

A Small Group Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Looking to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Go out on the sea to get a taste of Sydney’s glitzy side. By land, many of Sydney Harbour’s most beautiful coves and nooks are difficult to reach. A harbour cruise will not only bring you there swiftly but will also provide you with the best views. Furthermore, nothing says “Sydney” like a barbeque meal with a view of Sydney Harbour.

Visiting the Queen Victoria Market

Farmers’ markets can be found in almost every Australian city. They are, for the most part, similar to farmers’ markets found elsewhere. However, Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, or “Vic Market,” stands head and shoulders above the others. This historic monument serves the country’s culinary hub and is the city’s favourite location for fresh cuisine, artisan meats and cheeses, wine, and a whole lot more.